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Viking Star Cruise Liner-Inspired Design Ideas

04 Oct Viking Star Cruise Liner-Inspired Design Ideas

There are very few experiences that are as relaxing as a voyage across the sea on the Viking Star luxury Cruise Liner. A panoramic view of the ocean does wonders for the soul, as do the variety of activities available for travellers. Similarly, the interior décor of the ship sets the tone for the cruise. Here are some Viking Star Cruise Liner-inspired ideas to help set that tone in your home.

viking star cruise liner-inspired design

Some veranda quarters of the cruise liner possess simple qualities like crème walls with matching sofas and chairs. Other quarters use more white along with polished timber floors and cabinets that compliment the beautiful ocean views and the natural light perfectly. However, it is the décor in the other quarters of the cruise ship that stand out to create a distinct design style.

viking star cruise liner-inspired design

The ship’s library creates a very intimate setting for guests to relax in. The bookcase with irregular shelves is decorated with artifact-styled items like legendary war helmets, swords and other relics that allude to the Viking names of the ship. The back wall of the bookcase is adorned with white wallpaper that bares a variety of different coloured designs. For one’s home, items that possess historical qualities like the vintage manuscripts that can also be found on the bookcase will add some character to any space.

viking star cruise liner-inspired design

The ship also incorporates a variety of boutique elements including brightly-coloured chairs and sofas with blue throw pillows. There is also a heavy presence of blue throughout the ship’s interior, which not only accentuate the boutique trend but also the ocean. Blue rugs with white patterns and the occasional blue décor items like throw pillows translate well in any home to create the nautical theme that is present on the Viking Star Cruise liner.

viking star cruise liner-inspired design

More on the Viking Star Cruise Liner-inspired design

Perhaps the greatest quality of the interior designs on the Viking Star Cruise Liner is the culture on display. Since the cruise liner goes around the world, most of the items allude to a certain part of the world, an idea that every home can utilise. A home doesn’t have to feature every corner of this globe but perhaps include collected items to show off the culture and personality of the homeowners.

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