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Unisex Nursery Designs – A Style Guide For Boys And Girls

15 Oct Unisex Nursery Designs – A Style Guide For Boys And Girls

Designing a nursery is among the many preparations a couple must make when expecting a child. Many couples chose to use the traditional colour palettes; blue for boys and pink for girls. However styling the nursery in this manner requires knowing the gender of the baby beforehand. But what should couples who prefer to wait and be surprised when the baby is born do in terms of decorating the nursery? There are a variety of unisex nursery design choices that may suit both boys and girls.

unisex nursery designs

Neutral grey

Some couples prefer to go with a neutral grey tone for the nursery because it allows for some flexibility in the secondary colours that adorn the room. While expectant parents may include some grey furniture to round out the neutral colour palette, they can also add more complimentary and contrasting colour items after the baby is born like the mobile, lamps, toys, bedding, throw cushions and art. The beauty of grey is that it works with almost any colour and it looks great with the pastel colours.



unisex nursery designs

Mint green

A mint green design is a popular choice for unisex nurseries as the colour doesn’t specifically correspond with one gender. The colour, however, is more limiting in the secondary colours that go with it. Lighter toned timber floors and pastel colours match better with the mint green. It is also important to include white furniture to break up the flurry of green and pastel colours throughout.

Pastel Yellow

Yellow is another popular neutral colour choice for a unisex nursery. However, some shades of yellow can become obnoxious or overbearing, so it would be wise to utilise a lighter tone such as a pastel yellow that works well with the other colours like neutral grey and mint green. Some homeowners also choose to break up yellow with patterned wallpaper which can add a layer of much needed texture to a nursery to break up the dominant colour in the room.

unisex nursery designs

Stylish white and blue

White is the most versatile design choice for parents to later incorporate a variety of colours and decorations, adding character to the nursery with wallpaper or animal designs. Parents can even make white the secondary palette to colours like navy. Navy can also be incorporated into the design scheme without having to be associated exclusively to a boy’s room. Try adding navy stripes or wallpaper to a unisex nursery for a stylish and gender neutral palette.

Unisex nursery style – An evolving design

An important thing to consider when designing the nursery is to remember that the room will need to be redecorated several times as the child grows older. If the room already possesses some timeless and flexible qualities like neutral coloured walls and modern furnishings, then it could save time and money in the future.

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