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Top 10 DIY Renovating Tips

01 Jun Top 10 DIY Renovating Tips

Do-it-yourself projects are all the rage these days. If you’re considering digging out the old tool box out from storage, first take a look at our list of the top 10 DIY renovating tips.

Wear a mask

Making sure you can breathe is just as important as making sure the house can. If you’re working with paints, insulation or toxic materials, wear a mask as a precaution.

Check the weather

No one enjoys working in extreme heat or cold, but remodeling materials can be just as finicky. For example, concrete is best used in moderate temperatures to ensure structural stability. Check the weather report before starting any project.
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Let the house breathe

Make sure the house is able to get airflow during construction. Open some windows and doors and be cautious of fumes that may build up inside.

Watch for water

Before finalising design plans, make sure you’ve prepared for possible rain or flooding. Paper products like drywall should be kept far from areas that could potentially come into contact with excess moisture.

First things last

Save installing a new carpet, timber or tile floor for last on your remodeling list. You wouldn’t want to stain or damage your brand new flooring with paint or tools that might be involved in the rest of your renovations.

Get a radon detector

Hopefully you have one already, but if not, install a radon detector somewhere in your home. Radon is an invisible, natural gas that has been linked to various forms of cancer. For the sake of your health, do not take any chances.

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Go green with your paints

When selecting paints, check for the label ‘low-Voc,’ which means they lack the dangerous chemicals many household paints contain. Renovating your home isn’t an excuse to avoid being environmentally conscious.

Ditch the carpet if you have allergies

Most people have carpeting somewhere in their homes but did you know that carpets are the worst collectors of dirt and germs? Even vacuums regularly blow small particles like pollen back into the air you’re breathing.

Those suffering from severe allergies might want to explore timber or tile flooring options. However, if you absolutely must have carpeting, check to see if it contains formaldehyde.

Get rid of asbestos

If you’re dealing with materials that may contain asbestos, a silicate mineral that’s commonly found in insulation, contact a professional right away.

First, a trained asbestos professional will analyse samples from your home and if traces of asbestos are found, he or she will have it removed and properly disposed of it.

Most important tip for DIY renovating

If you’re renovating a house built prior to 1980, there’s a significant chance your walls are coated in lead-based paint. Whatever you do, do NOT burn or sand it off. If the paint is beginning to peel or flake, you may need to hire a specialist to have it properly removed.

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