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Sydney Infinity Development – Crown Group’s Luxurious Apartments

07 Oct Sydney Infinity Development – Crown Group’s Luxurious Apartments

The names of luxurious developments are just as important as the residences themselves. The name must perfectly capture the spirit of the building and set the tone for the apartments. As soon as one sees the Sydney Infinity Development, they will understand why ‘Infinity’ is the perfect description for these luxury apartments.

sydney infinity development

Architect of the Infinity development, Koichi Takada, said of the design, “In incorporating new ideas in the future of urban living, Infinity by Crown Group encapsulates a sensation of virtually infinite space. As an island structure at the heart of a precinct designed for tomorrow we have fashioned an elegant yet iconic structure that creates the atmosphere of a five star resort and embraces timeless elegance.”

sydney infinity development

The shape of the building resembles a propped up infinity symbol, an incredibly unique feature of this luxury development. The sleek, organic design of the building is enough to stand out in the crowded Sydney skyline, but what truly sets the building apart is its open archway providing a unique view of the night sky.

sydney infinity development

As one would expect with a building like the Infinity Development, the interiors boast modern trends and designs that are worthy of its grand exterior. The development utilises a simplistic nature with its angular modern design. The kitchen cabinet designs include darker colour schemes with vertical streaks that break up expansive flat surfaces. The kitchen also features elegant white marble countertops and stainless steel fixtures to balance out the apartment’s colour scheme. However, it is the interior décor that compliments the overall shape of the building.

sydney infinity development

Throughout the Infinity apartments, the furniture possesses curved designs with polished surfaces that are reminiscent of the exterior. The chairs, tables and other furniture pieces are modern in design with dark colours, such as shimmering black lampshades. The apartments also feature large sophisticated black-and-white photographs of the city that compliment the white walls and dark colour schemes.

sydney infinity development

Sydney Infinity Development – The beauty

“There are rare occasions when beauty is infinite,” the Crown Group says of the Infinity Development, which is the perfect way to describe this unique luxurious site. Whether you are looking at the building or admiring the stunning views from the residence, there is infinite beauty in the building that is well worth the price.

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