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The Colonial Kitchen Meets Hamptons

12 Oct The Colonial Kitchen Meets Hamptons

An American colonial style kitchen with a Hamptons flavour is a long standing kitchen design trend. The classic kitchen’s versatility can fit in most homes because of its traditionally lighter colour tones, often synonymous with the Hampton’s trend. White and creme evoke feelings of the prestigious New York oceanside neighbourhood while the contrasting timber floors maintain the spirit of the American Colonial era.

A classic American kitchen can also employ a combination of lighter toned-down pastel colours for cabinetry without compromising the Hamptons-feel of the space and in terms of flooring there are a variety of timbers that fit almost any colour scheme.

colonial kitchen meets hamptons

This type of design often includes a combination of polished wooden surfaces throughout the kitchen’s furnishing – most typically, the dining table and/or chairs. Exposed wooden rafters are also common in classic American kitchen designs and they present a great opportunity to add some texture to the space.

colonial kitchen meets hamptons

The Shaker design for cabinetry is also a feature of the American classic design. Intricately carved moldings around the cabinets is one of the most recognisable features of a classic kitchen. The cabinet molding design is another aspect that evokes the classical tendencies of 17th and 18th century American Colonial era.

The kitchen’s accessories are instrumental in achieving a beautiful Hamptons kitchen. Consider striped or patterned drapes throughout the kitchen. Plates also provide plenty of flexibility for styling because simple white plates fit in perfectly with the kitchen, as do plates with intricate designs. Beautiful timeless pendant lights can also become the focal point of any kitchen.

Kitchen design ideas – The Timeless kitchen

One of the greatest advantages of living in the Hamptons is the steady flow of natural light that seems brighter by the ocean than anywhere else. It is that natural light that perfectly compliments the Hamptons colour and the timeless qualities of the classic American kitchen.

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