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The Avon Court Mansion – Designs From The Melbourne Residence

26 Oct The Avon Court Mansion – Designs From The Melbourne Residence

A home like the Avon Court Mansion is expected to possess an interior design that rivals the sophisticated elegance of the property’s exterior. While the Melbourne mansion, also known as the Hawthorn Mansion, does boast timeless qualities that compliment the estate’s exterior, the interior incorporates more contemporary elements. The balance between classic and contemporary trends blend well within the home.

avon court mansion living room

The home’s timber floors vary in design from room to room. The floors remain the single classic feature one would expect, judging from the home’s exterior. In the living room, for example, the slightly worn timber panels are crisscrossed and intertwined, showing the mansion’s age while adding some character. The lighter toned, simpler designed timber floors in the kitchen also show the same vintage wear.

avon court mansion

The classic nature of the floors and the high ceilings also have a major influence on the décor of the space. The living room boasts antique-styled chairs with classic upholstery and hand-crafted coffee tables with wooden frames that match the timber floors. There are also elegant emerald stone statuettes over the classic fireplace. While beautiful chandeliers hang in every room, the home also employs more contemporary designs, such as a brightly coloured striped rug to balance vintage decor.

avon court mansion outside

The kitchen contains more modern designs as well, with a sleek polished counter and trendy stools. These modern elements blend well with the classic features found in the kitchen, like the ornamental green rug with elegant Fleur de Lis crosses. The bathroom’s design utilises black marble to create a look that resides between the classic elegance of the home’s exterior and the interior’s modern designs.

The Avon Court Mansion – Classic appeal

New homes and developments built in the country have focused on creating residences with a more contemporary design. The value of the Avon Court Mansion has increased steadily over the last ten years, demonstrating that there will always be a demand for homes with classic qualities.

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