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A Look at Tasmania’s The Pumphouse Point Hotel

23 Oct A Look at Tasmania’s The Pumphouse Point Hotel

The Pumphouse Point Hotel can be found in the middle of the beautiful Lake St. Clair deep in the wilderness of Tasmania.

pumphouse point hotel

The hotel dates back to the 1940s and is unlike any of Tasmania’s other luxury boutiques. The only way to access the hotel is through a long flume that sets the tone for the structure with the Scandinavian-inspired architecture. Although the interior of the hotel has been redesigned to fit more contemporary trends, the exterior has been able to maintain its 1940s Art Deco look.

pumphouse point hotel

The interior of the building does a great job utilising the natural characteristics of the surrounding Tasmanian environment while maintaining its historical features, giving the space its charm. While the lounge of the hotel features timber panels that give the design texture. The guest rooms feature timber and white walls which make the most of the natural light.

pumphouse point hotel

The rest of the furniture brings the rooms into the 21st century with contemporary furniture like stylish sofas and bed frames. The bathroom also features polished black tiles that adhere to the popular trends in interior design while its dark tones go well with the region’s weather.

pumphouse point hotel

Arguably the hotel’s greatest attribute is the magnificent views. Although the structure is only two stories, there is no bad view of Lake St. Clair.

The Pumphouse Point Hotel

It’s not an easy or quick journey to the Pumphouse Point Hotel but that’s part of its charm. The hotel is in the middle of one of Tasmania’s most secluded national parks and it is that isolation that makes the experience so appealing.

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