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unisex nursery designs

15 Oct Unisex Nursery Designs – A Style Guide For Boys And Girls

Designing a nursery is among the many preparations a couple must make when expecting a child. Many couples chose to use the traditional colour palettes; blue for boys and pink for girls. However styling the nursery in this manner requires knowing the gender of the baby beforehand. But what should couples who prefer to wait and be surprised when the baby is born do in terms of decorating the nursery?...

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decorating mistakes

25 Aug How To Avoid These Common Decorating Mistakes

Designing a room is a complex process. There are a lot of elements which come into play, most importantly function, mood and personality. We’ve told you about some of the top decorating mistakes, but here are some additional design missteps to avoid. Excessive throw pillows Whether it’s in a bedroom or a living room, having too many throw pillows can add to visual clutter. Couches do not need 20 pillows. It does...

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library design essentials header 1100x620

03 Jun Home Library Design Essentials

A home library is unlike any other room in the house. The home library is an opportunity for a homeowner to show off their personality. Additionally, it can quickly become the family’s favourite room in which to read and work. To make the most out of the space, here are some home library design essentials to remember. Let there be light The quiet nature of a home library encourages the family to...

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