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Staircase Design Trends – How To Spruce Up The Steps

01 Sep Staircase Design Trends – How To Spruce Up The Steps

A complete home renovation can be a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. Consider designing your home renovation around the staircase as it is a natural focal point of the residence. There are several staircase design trends that most homes can utilise.

The steps

Staircase steps offer a lot of versatility as homeowners can use a variety of timbers with different colour tones, marble or granite steps. Placement of tiles with symmetrical designs on the rise of steps has become very popular because it adds a layer of intricacy to otherwise simple steps.

The use of rugs adorning the staircase also remains a popular trend. A perfectly fitted carpet that rises and bends with every step is another great way to break up the formality of the steps and add a layer of texture to that portion of the home.

staircase design trends

The railing

Some trends are putting a larger emphasis on the railings, using them as an opportunity to express character. Staircases can utilise different types of railings including timber and metal. Different shades of timber, for example, can be used to match any design scheme in the home. Metal railings fit in homes with modern designs and provide homeowners with the option of painting them with corresponding colours.

Other homeowners, however, elect for an overall contemporary vibe with a customised glass panel to add some style while maintaining a safe barrier. On the other hand, you can’t go wrong with the traditional timber hand-crafted columns for a more classic look.


The simplest way to add some character to the staircase is to add furnishings and homewares near the stairs. Photos and paintings remain a great way to add some variety to the walls along the staircase. We recommend that the photos or frames have a common theme and that you work out the scheme of all frames prior to hanging.

staircase design trends

Staircase design trends for your home

Renovating the staircase takes a lot of work. However, if it is done correctly, classic and timeless qualities are worth the effort. Of course, it is vital to consider what the home’s overall design scheme will be before deciding on how to spruce up the steps.

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