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Interior Design Trends On Australia’s East Coast

25 Jun Interior Design Trends On Australia’s East Coast

When contemplating which interior design trends to follow, you must first consider the style and location of your home in order to create a space that is functional and practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. Just because a trend looks great in London or New York, doesn’t mean it will be the best decision for a home in Brisbane, Sydney or Gold Coast.

With that in mind, here are a few popular design trends that will suit Australia’s unique climate and lifestyle. In 2015 is all about comfort and warmth, with deep jewel-tones, natural fabrics and quirky fixtures.

interior design trends

Rich colours

Many of Australia’s East Coast homeowners are trading in stark white and soft pastels for bolder tones. Meanwhile, burgundies, bottle greens, leather-inspired shades, navy blues and rusty reds are making their way into Melbourne homes. In Brisbane, moody blues accented with bright pops of colour create a unique pairing.

interior design trendsMany designers around the world have paired these blues with Marsala, the rich, earthy red that Pantone has named the top colour for 2015.

However, take caution, as to some homeowners the pairing of rust and blue may be too reminiscent to the State of Origin colours and this moody palette may be too dark for homes in sunny Brisbane or Sydney. Instead, compliment deep colours with a vibrant green or salmon. If that still sounds too bold, reduce the intensity of the blues with furniture or flooring accents made from natural fibres. Natural cane and timber work well.


This is an interior design trend closely following the rich blue colour palette. Delft pottery, the beautiful white ceramics adorned with painted blue details, are seeing a resurgence of popularity in Brisbane. While the decorative plates are being used to great effect, there are also more interesting uses of the ceramics’ designs in more innovative pieces. Throughout 2015 we’re bound to see more delft styling on fabrics and wallpapers.

interior design trends

Traditional bathrooms

The bathrooms of 2015 will heavily feature traditional Victorian-era elements. This trend will suit those renovating older homes particularly well. The interior wood paneling in historic homes lends itself perfectly to a period-styled bathroom.

Sleek modern bathrooms can be found everywhere, which may be a reason why people are turning to a period-inspired look. Avoid going completely traditional. A bathroom should be a sanctuary of sorts, a place you can escape.

For this reason, the bathroom still needs to have some of your personality woven into its styling. Pair a clawfoot tub and ornate fixtures with patterned wallpaper and personal artworks to ensure the space retains character. interior design trends


As the heart of a home, kitchen spaces should spill out into sitting and dining areas so the acts of cooking and eating are not separated. Try incorporating more comfortable seating, personalised accents and bold colours into your kitchen space.

Warm lighting can also do wonders for creating a more inviting space and is as simple as replacing a few light bulbs. With a larger budget, replace the splashback area with richer-coloured tiles to bring life back into the kitchen, especially if you are working in the aforementioned moody blues.

It may be time for chrome accents to get the boot. Replace sinks, taps and handles with something that has a bit more oomph. Popular in Melbourne are bronze and black. These fixtures have a lot of personality and can be easily sourced.

interior design trends

Unique textures and fixtures

Comfort and warmth is becoming a dominating influence in Australian homes. Linens, leathers and animal patterns will all become increasingly popular throughout 2015, particularly cowhide, sheepskin and goatskin furnishings. These create a more comforting environment in the home and a look that isn’t too perfect.