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Skye Luxury Apartments – Inside Sydney’s Most Elegant Residences

31 Aug Skye Luxury Apartments – Inside Sydney’s Most Elegant Residences

Sydney is full of luxury developments so new projects are always looking to set themselves apart from their competition in the area. One way to rise above the other developments, apart from the service and amenities, is by incorporating the latest modern designs to give the development a distinct identity. The Crown Group is known for creating unique luxury developments and they have done it once again with the Skye luxury apartments.

skye luxury apartments

Under the guidance of Japanese architect Koichi Takada, the Skye developments blend modern luxury trends with distinct Japanese designs. “We all need to be challenged to leap out of our comfort zone and reach a new benchmark. The design of Skye by Crown Group was an opportunity for us to demonstrate what is possible in next-level luxury residential living,” said Takada.

skye luxury apartments

That notion is most noticeable in the building’s exterior and lobby with its elegant golden bamboo-like design that curves around the hallways and façade. The design is simple but truly modern as the arrangement of golden tubes create a distinct landmark amongst Sydney’s other downtown structures. The pool area also maintains the minimalist Asian trend with elegant bonsai-like trees and a beautiful infinity pool that overlooks downtown.

skye luxury apartments

The interior design of the apartments also incorporate a contemporary minimalist style. The couch and chairs feature sleek and simple upholstery, crème-coloured and curved to compliment the building’s exterior. The kitchens and bathrooms also feature sleek and polished designs while maintaining the minimalist and neutral colour trends found throughout the residence.

skye luxury apartments

The colour of the apartments also focus on a light palette with crème tiles, walls and ceilings to make the most of the natural light from the expansive floor-to-ceiling doors and window panels. To create some balance in the apartment, the residences feature dark-timber cabinets and tables throughout.

Skye Luxury Apartments – The sculpture design

Koichi described his design, “like a sculpture you can live in. This is the element we are most proud of.”

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