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Simple Decorating Tricks For Smart Styling

29 May Simple Decorating Tricks For Smart Styling

Even beautiful homes can benefit from a revamp. However, the art of interior design is complicated and can sometimes be an expensive process. Luckily, there are plenty of decorating tricks that make designing more manageable.

Even without a lot of furniture, it is easy for small rooms to feel cramped. There is a simple decorating trick that will make rooms appear larger. Painting the walls in a lighter colour will attract natural light from outside and in turn create the illusion of space. Dark colours make a room feel smaller.

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Another way to make a room appear larger is through the use of mirrors. A mirror will reflect the natural light coming into a room, making the space brighter. The reflection itself will also make the room seem bigger than it is. An easy way to maximise natural light is to place mirrors directly across from windows.

Don’t forget to consider scale and proportion when selecting and arranging furniture.

decorating tricksThe kitchen is usually one of first rooms in the house to get crowded with visual clutter. There is never enough room in the cabinets for all the pots, pans and other kitchen supplies. A hanging pot rack is a great decorating trick that both increases functionality and contributes to the mood. It turns the pots and pans into accessories while simultaneously freeing up storage space.

There are very few set rules when it comes to interior design. As long as functionality, mood and personality are taken into consideration almost anything goes. Adding contrast and variety to a room will make the space come alive. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours and styles. Throw in some antiques with modern furniture. Showcase family heirlooms to add a personal touch to your styling.

Adding plants to a room is another easy way to style the space. Plants bring colour, texture and life to an interior and can even improve the air quality of the space. Whenever possible, try to avoid artificial greenery. Real plants are relatively inexpensive and look much nicer.

With these decorating tricks, remodeling does not have to be a challenge

Most of these techniques are low cost and require minimal effort. All it takes is a good eye and a little patience. Remember, before starting any project, take the time to plan out your design.