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Scandinavian Summer Home Design Inspiration To Use Around The World

28 Jun Scandinavian Summer Home Design Inspiration To Use Around The World

Quaint cottages, open living spaces, stone fireplaces, sheepskin-covered furniture…the quintessential Nordic summer escape is the envy of people around the world. Luckily, there are a number of ways to capture the experience of a classic Scandinavian summer home in your own seasonal hideaway.

Don’t be afraid of dark colours

Dark colours can make exterior greenery appear especially bright and the same rule applies to interiors. A current trend is appearing where summer houses are painted or stained in shades of black. Rich black accents can make the classic Scandinavian white walled interior appear even crisper.

Centre life around the hearth

A very popular feature in Scandi summer homes is a freestanding fireplace that heats the entire living area. While vintage stoves are still popular, modern generations of wood heaters offer fuel efficiency and lower emissions, making them both powerful and environmentally responsible.

scandinavian summer home

Create a nautical look with white-washed wood

White-stained shiplap paneling is a common Scandi trend in woodland cabins and coastal cottages. This look features clean modern lines, but a white stain that allows the personality of the wood to shine through, creating a certain coziness.

Think outside the box when placing beds

Because Scandinavian design makes use of every corner, many summer homes feature bunk beds with under bed storage. This design choice is a Nordic staple and works well for visiting crowds.

scandinavian summer home

Embrace sheepskin fabrics

Scandi summer nights tend to get a bit chilly and sheepskin is an age-old solution. If you live in a warmer area, instead of layering bedding and chairs with sheepskins, try hanging them on the walls. This will add a unique Scandi touch with a sense of warmth that lends vitality to even the most austere interiors.

Use shelving instead of furniture

Nordic summer cottages are typically small with little wiggle room in bedroom spaces. Skip bedside tables and use wall shelving for storage instead.

scandinavian summer home design

Bathe with a view

When summer finally reaches chilly Nordic countries, Scandinavians do as much outdoor living as possible. The ultimate summer home feature is an outdoor shower and tub combo. No matter where in the world you live, an afternoon shower in the beautiful outdoors is about as refreshing as life gets.

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