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A Look Inside Reese Witherspoon’s Spanish Estate In California

22 Aug A Look Inside Reese Witherspoon’s Spanish Estate In California

Brentwood, California is well known for home architecture that evokes images of scenic European countrysides more than the hustle-and-bustle of the Los Angeles area. Hidden in the Brentwood area, Reese Witherspoon’s estate blends classical features with rustic Spanish trends to create a tranquil and picturesque property that will make guests feel like they are surrounded by Spanish wineries.

As soon as one enters the modest five-bedroom property at the end of secluded cul-de-sac, they will see the home’s rustic features that gives the house its Spanish characteristic. There is the elegant hand-carved, arched wooden front that immediately sets the tone for the rest of the house. The classic dark-wood timbers perfectly match the exposed, polished rafters in the ceiling. The rest of the home’s décor utilises the wooden designs for the window and doorframes and random furniture items like dressers, tables and mirrors.

reese witherspoon's spanish estate

To provide some contrast to the darker tones of the floors and ceilings, white adorns all of the walls throughout the house. The dark colour tones and white walls provide Witherspoon with the opportunity to use more classical furniture like antique tables and chairs. The sofas and couches are a combination of old leather upholstery chairs and light-coloured cushions on top of elegant Persian rugs.

reese witherspoon's spanish estate

The kitchen and dining rooms also adhere to the rustic trends of the home with faded turquoise cabinets that compliment the Spanish-feel to the home and, at the same, add some texture to the room.

reese witherspoon's spanish estate

The bathroom does break away from the dominant design schemes of the house. The walls are a combination of crème-coloured walls with shiny white marble tiles. The bathroom’s white cabinetry does, however, maintain the classical features of the home.

reese witherspoon's spanish estate

Finally, the outside furnishing and roof tiles perfectly capture the spirit of Spain in Brentwood. The elegantly stacked red clay tiles on the roof and the wicker chairs in the courtyard conjure up feelings of a home on the serene Spanish countryside.

Quite simply, the design of Reese Witherspoon’s Spanish estate provide the actress and her family with the luxuries, tranquility and intimacy a home should provide.

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