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interior design trends

25 Jun Interior Design Trends On Australia’s East Coast

When contemplating which interior design trends to follow, you must first consider the style and location of your home in order to create a space that is functional and practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. Just because a trend looks great in London or New York, doesn’t mean it will be the best decision for a home in Brisbane, Sydney or Gold Coast. With that in mind, here are a few...

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interior design trends

22 Jun Interior Design Trends In LA, NYC And San Francisco

Homes and apartments don’t have to be located in Los Angeles, New York City or San Francisco to keep up with the latest interior design trends in those regions. There are a variety of ways to make a space look like a home you would find in the metropolitan neighbourhoods of Los Angeles and New York or the cool and relaxing hospitality of the San Francisco bay area. Los Angeles Interior design...

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avoid renovating

19 Jun Should You Avoid Renovating?

You’re bored with the kitchen, the bathroom is a mess and the living room is soulless. This list of helpful hints will help you to determine whether you should renovate. Crunch the numbers Whether or not you should avoid renovating is simple math. Start out by evaluating what it would cost to make the changes you are envisioning. If you fudge the truth it will come back to haunt you. If you’re...

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primary interior design principles

16 Jun The 3 Primary Interior Design Principles

A beautifully decorated interior space should be highly functional but also evoke a mood and show off the personality of its inhabitants. By adhering to the three primary interior design principles of function, mood and personality, you can ensure styling success. Prior to painting and redecorating, first consider your family’s lifestyle and design preferences. Gather inspiration from magazines and websites such as and and save ideas that appeal to...

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wardrobe organisation

13 Jun Wardrobe Organisation Tips

It’s easy to achieve your dream wardrobe with the right combination of style and function, achieving your dream robe is possible. Here is a list of 10 things every enviable wardrobe must have. From personal touches to storage solutions, these wardrobe organisation tips will evoke a leisurely and celebratory idea of dressing of which most of us only dream. The first tip is de-cluttering. To begin, donate or sell items that...

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space saving trends

10 Jun Apartment Space Saving Trends From Japan

Making the most of small spaces is all about smart usage of space, multi-purpose furniture and organisation. In metropolitan areas all around the world, particularly in large cities such as Tokyo, city blocks are notorious for being packed with small apartments. If you’re short on space, take these space saving trends from Japanese architects and designers and apply them to your apartment. The typical Japanese apartment is about 37 square metres...

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