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Contemporary Heat – Fireplace Design Trends

28 Aug Contemporary Heat – Fireplace Design Trends

Although technology and environmental trends have made heating the home easier than ever, the fireplace is still a focal point of many home designs – even contemporary residences. The fireplace presents designers with the opportunity to incorporate recent fireplace design trends that put a modern twist on a classical home feature.

For the longest time, the red brick configuration was a standard design for a home fireplace. There are some contemporary design trends that draw from the classical features of the brick design. Most of those design trends include intricate cladding that lines the walls with brick tiles to provide the fireplace with the classic texture while maintaining the overall stylish interior of the rest of the home. The brick cladding also provides designers with the flexibility of colours instead of having to paint over the bricks.

fireplace design trends

Other contemporary fireplace trends, however, have moved away from the classic brick layout into more sleek and economical designs. While most designs maintain the angular box-funnel shape for the chimney, the actual fireplace is purely modern with a glass case and simple marble box design.

fireplace design trends

Rectangular fireplaces are also becoming more popular. For those fireplace designs, the chimney outline is not visible on the inside wall, thus the fireplace is no longer the center-design piece of the room but, instead, an accessorising décor feature. That also provides designers with more flexibility as to the room’s overall colour scheme since the fireplace is not dictating the room’s décor.

Another common trend in fireplace designs is the fireplace location. Instead of being placed at the center of the wall, some homes are relocating the fireplace to the corner of the wall that may lead to a hallway. The unusual placement of the fireplace is a contemporary choice that speaks to the character of the house.

fireplace design trends

One more thing to remember when designing a fireplace is what colour the surrounding walls will be. Most contemporary design trends skew towards lighter colours like white and grey to combat the brightness of the fire at night.

Fireplace design trends – A classical home feature

The room with the fireplace still provides the perfect setting for the family and guests to get together in the cold winter months to relax and connect.

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