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Timeless Kitchen Colour Scheme Ideas

15 Sep Timeless Kitchen Colour Scheme Ideas

Renovating the kitchen can be an exciting but exhausting endeavor. Picking the colour, designing the countertops and arranging the décor can also be time consuming. However, with the right mindset, the end product can be very creatively rewarding. Depending on what colour scheme is chosen, the kitchen may only need to be renovated once over a substantial period of time, saving the homeowners a lot of work and money down the line. There are several classic kitchen colour schemes that stand the test of time.

kitchen colour scheme

Natural tones

A kitchen with natural tones remains one of the most popular design schemes because it blends seamlessly with a modest home design. White, crème and other light colour blends are easy to look at and won’t overpower other features of the home. Natural colours incorporate plenty of sandy tones and light wood, which compliment both traditional and modern home designs.

kitchen colour scheme

French grey

French-design inspired kitchens are distinct and present homeowners with plenty of versatility through a variety of colours. One common colour scheme for the French kitchen includes light blue, soft greys, antique whites and muted crème and coffee colours. This colour scheme works best in kitchens with plenty of windows so the natural light can balance the colour palette.

kitchen colour scheme

White on white

A clean and pristine white kitchen remains an aesthetically appealing and popular choice. White walls, cabinets and ceilings present homeowners with the ability to incorporate endless colour choices for decor as white works with just about everything. Timber floors and countertops are also a popular choice for white-dominated kitchen colour schemes.

Timeless kitchen colour schemes – The home’s design

An important thing to consider when choosing the perfect colours for the kitchen is the home’s overall design. Some homes have a more open design in which the boundaries of the room are less defined. In those cases, the design of the kitchen should be an extension of the home’s overall design. But regardless of what the homeowner’s individual taste are, these colour schemes will remain timeless.

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