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Jewel Development – Gold Coast’s Newest Luxury Landmark

02 Aug Jewel Development – Gold Coast’s Newest Luxury Landmark

The first true beachfront residential resort on the Gold Coast in decades, the Jewel development embodies luxurious design and lifestyle. With a planned geometric trio shape, the Jewel development will create a bold silhouette on the coastline of Australia’s largest non-capital city when finished.

According to its developers, Jewel’s stunning architecture is “inspired by ancient crystals formed deep within the earth.” Its three towers are bound to become global landmarks with their unique crystalline structure and luxurious interiors.

When finished, the project will span 130 metres of pristine beachfront. A total of 500 apartments, 171 hotel rooms and high-end retail will be included in the development. Construction began on the $970 million architectural marvel this April and is expected to be completed in time for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

jewel development

Interiors of the towers are sleek and modern. They are perfect canvases for future residents and guests to express their personality. Crisp lines, neutral tones and plenty of windows showcase stellar views to set the mood. Flooring is comprised of washed driftwood, adding a texture and character best experienced beachside. Bespoke fixtures and fittings have been meticulously selected for their style.

In Jewel’s residences, marble countertops adorn bathrooms and kitchens. Walls are a crisp white, a beautiful contrast to the black window fittings that stretch every room.

jewel development

The exterior of the hotel lobby is draped in warm tones of gold, beige and black accents. The lobby’s ultra high ceilings and pendants of light create a grandiose environment unlike any other.

Home to some of Australia’s best beaches, the Gold Coast will certainly welcome the attention, investments and tourism that the Jewel development will bring. With sweeping ocean views and extravagant interiors, guests and residents alike can expect an elegant and luxurious experience with Gold Coast’s Jewel development.

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