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Jennifer Aniston’s Beverly Hills Estate – Contemporary Meets Classic Design

02 Sep Jennifer Aniston’s Beverly Hills Estate – Contemporary Meets Classic Design

Jennifer Aniston is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Best known for her run on long-time TV sitcom ‘Friends,’ Aniston is considered one of the most fashionable women in Hollywood. Responsible for setting trends with classic looks and designer style, Jennifer Aniston’s Beverly Hills estate perfectly captures the idea that the actress personifies – a perfect blend of classic beauty with contemporary trends.jennifer aniston's beverly hills estate Nestled up in the hills of the serene Los Angeles neighbourhood, the residence was initially built in the 1970s and many of the popular architectural trends of the era are still fairly prominent. However, Aniston was able to incorporate contemporary design to modernise the residence while maintaining the mystique of the home. One reason she was able to accomplish this was due to the enormous size of the home.

In a 2008 issue of Vogue, writer Jonathan Van Meer, said of the residence, “…trying to take in the scale of this unusual house; all 10,000 square feet are on one floor, and everything is of a surprising proportion – the rooms, the doors, even the doorknobs are bigger than you’d expect.”

jennifer aniston's beverly hills estate

The walls and columns of the large and expansive property are mostly composed of large stone cladding with beautiful polished timber awnings throughout the home. Aniston took advantage the property’s design by incorporating tranquil, Zen-like trends with a modern edge. That includes simple furnishings that promote the minimalist mantra and Japanese décor, boasting lantern-style lamps and a koi pond to round out the contemporary design.jennifer aniston's beverly hills estate

Aniston also incorporated other contemporary trends including an elegant Murano glass chandelier that greets guest as they enter the residence and a polished wooden platform around her bed that compliments wooden columns through the room and the classic shaggy white carpet.

jennifer aniston's beverly hills estate

The furniture also carries darker tones to contrast the neutral-coloured stone walls and crème-coloured paint. The large openings in the living room provide the space with plenty of natural light to keep the home’s dark tones from overwhelming the residence.

Jennifer Aniston’s Beverly Hills Estate – Peaceful And Intriguing

In the Vogue article, Aniston remarks that there was something very specific she was trying to accomplish with the home’s design: “It wanted to have that feeling that when you walked in you were able to throw your feet up and just be peaceful. But I also wanted it to feel . . . sexy. This is a sexy house!”

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