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The Unique Interior Of Hobart House Designs

16 Aug The Unique Interior Of Hobart House Designs

Sitting low in the southern hemisphere, Hobart averages just over 40 sunny days a year, walking the fine line between sandy beachfront property and long wintery nights. The unique interior of Hobart House designs reflect the expansive water views and a weekend getaway vibe, complete with antique furniture, timber floors and a beach home atmosphere.

Although the capital of Tasmania is fairly urbanised and populated, the city is surrounded by vast rolling hills and dense forests which enclose these properties.

hobart house designs

The antique-styled wooden furniture found in the dining room and living room goes perfectly with the wooden rafters in the ceiling and classical wooden bookcases. The room’s vastness is amplified by the smaller furniture choices – including compact upholstery and coffee tables that maintain the open nature of the rooms and disperses whatever limited light may come in from outside.

hobart house designs

The Hobart mansion designs, however, allow for certain rooms in the house to have that beach-house feel – mostly the rooms connected to the exterior of the house that have larger windows. The overall design scheme leans towards lighter colours to aid whatever natural light may come in. To go along with these colours, the furniture carries softer tones while maintaining the overall antique theme running throughout the property.

hobart house designs

With the versatile nature of the upholstery complementing the overall colours in a particular room, the antique furniture’s wooden frames and handles match the mansion’s cabin feel.

Rooms find a perfect balance between the white paint of the walls and ceilings and the timber floors, accentuating the rest of the furniture. For example, the wooden dining table may have white modern chairs while the wooden cabinets hang next to contemporary art work that possesses the overall colour scheme of the room.

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