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Interior Design Trends In LA, NYC And San Francisco

22 Jun Interior Design Trends In LA, NYC And San Francisco

Homes and apartments don’t have to be located in Los Angeles, New York City or San Francisco to keep up with the latest interior design trends in those regions. There are a variety of ways to make a space look like a home you would find in the metropolitan neighbourhoods of Los Angeles and New York or the cool and relaxing hospitality of the San Francisco bay area.

interior design trends

Los Angeles

Interior design trends in the City of Angels are moving towards the environmentally conscious. Innovative designs reflecting sustainable trends in the region are becoming incredibly popular. Much of the outdoor landscaping in the city is being replaced by succulent foliage during the severe drought and interior spaces are reverting to a more natural look.

With more wood and stone, interior designs resemble the soft, light colours of the landscape. This is why the retro-designs of Ray and Charles Eames are coming back into style. The wooden and curved nature of the reclining chairs, made famous by American designer Herman Miller, perfectly capture the retro ‘pool-house’ style overtaking homes in the Hollywood Hills. To follow this trend, use those chairs as a starting point, then design and decorate around them.

interior design trends

San Francisco

In a place where space is at a premium, the city by the bay has become consumed with transformative spaces. Transformative space is one of the major interior design trends in the city because residents need their space to be economical and flexible. For example, a home office should that seamlessly converts into an entertainment center or a sleek sofa that doubles as a guest bed such as Andreas Opheas Makos’ Pandora Multifunctional Sofa. Maximising space also requires letting go of big lounge chairs. Sleek but comfortable chairs are helping San Francisco residents make the most of their living space. Milan Furniture is a great (and affordable) place to start. The company has an excellent understanding of the trends that aim for simplicity with their perpendicular, box-like designs requiring little space while also capturing the attention of guests.

interior design trends

New York

Various television shows and magazines centered in New York City showcase popular interior design trends in the Big Apple. Penthouse apartments often feature a complimentary mix of antique designs and simple furniture paired with modern aesthetics. This includes classic art and antiques next to trendy lampshades and sleek modern technology. Rug and Relic has some fantastic table and décor designs that will give your space this kind of character. Another trend found in large cities, particularly in New York City, is the ‘micro kitchen.’ These kitchens are simple and open as appliances are hidden in cabinets, making the space multifunctional for cooking and socialising.

Interior design trends: The word on fabrics

Fabrics and carpet are back in fashion, especially in Los Angeles where carpet has found its place back in the modern bedroom. Custom carpet and fabrics are being utilised as a way to add a dash of flare and colour. A staircase can be a great place to feature custom carpeting.