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A Look Inside Ivanka Trump’s Apartment

13 Jul A Look Inside Ivanka Trump’s Apartment

Entering Ivanka Trump’s apartment in the Upper West Side of New York City, it’s easy to forget she is the daughter of billionaire Donald Trump – a man who is famous for having a gold-themed penthouse in Manhattan. Perfectly balanced between elegance and modesty, Ivanka Trump shares her home with husband Jared Kushner and their young daughter. Quite simply, Ivanka Trump’s apartment is tasteful and posh without being over the top.

ivanka trump's apartment

Ivanka Trump understands that the key to a happy home is ensuring everyone feel comfortable. That is why she was adamant with the apartment’s interior decorator, Kelly Behum, that the design fits her and her husband’s taste. In an interview with Interior Design School Daily, Trump spoke about that dynamic, saying, “Being traditional and feminine, I wanted luxury and glamour, while Jared gravitates toward the modern, which can be austere.” As a result, much of the apartment’s colour scheme carries neutral creams and taupes that add a subtle variety to each room.

The majority of the couches and recliners are simple greys that compliment the beautiful dark timber floors through the ten-room apartment. The tones of the floor and furniture are balanced out by the lighter shades of crème paints and window views of the New York skyline, flooding the apartment with copious amounts of light.

ivanka trump's apartment

The furniture throughout the apartment is also custom-designed by Behum with plenty of input from Trump. She spoke in an interview with Elle Décor Magazine about the impact her pregnancy was having on her design opinions, “I’m detailed to a fault. When we were moving into this apartment, and I was pregnant, I went a little nuts with the nesting instinct.”

Initially, the baby’s room had the neutral colour scheme that would be found through the apartment. However, when Trump realised the importance colour has in the development of a baby’s mind, she quickly decided to fill the wall with fine art, which added a new layer of texture to the apartment.

ivanka trump's apartment

The rest of the home is a combination of polished surfaces that are funky, modern and posh in design. From the bright coloured desks in the workroom, to the simple but elegant dining room set and the tree-trunk coffee table designs, everything in Ivanka Trump’s apartment is unique and simultaneously modest and understated. It was Trump’s intention to have a home “where kids can live happily and my husband can put his feet on the table or lie on the sofa watching TV and not be worried.”

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