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Inside Michael And Kyly Clarke’s Highlands Home

30 Jul Inside Michael And Kyly Clarke’s Highlands Home

In 2012, elite cricketer Michael Clarke and his wife, Kyly, purchased their $3.25 million estate in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Under the guidance of Kyly, an interior designer herself, the Clarke’s Highland home made use of the stunning and extensive views of the estate to define the property’s interior and décor.

One of the advantages of living in a sprawling countryside like the Southern Highlands is the plethora of light. The home is designed to make the most out of that light, boasting large windows throughout. There are several rooms in which the walls are essentially replaced by glass to provide a beautiful panoramic view of the green lush property. To make the most of the light, the colour palette focuses on white and crème tones to perfectly compliment the vibrant green outside.

clarke's highlands home

The furniture throughout the house also helps maintain a bright welcoming nature by adhering to a light colour palette. In the dining room, for example, the chairs and the table are a variation of a darker crème colour – a shade that lands almost in the middle of the timber floors and the white walls and ceiling. The table and room are also adorned with antique candleholders and with a classic chandelier hanging above.

clarke's highlands home

There is more variation throughout the house, although the presence of natural light still shapes the décor. The living room hosts darker shades of furniture with more modern designs to match the timber floor. The chimney also breaks up the endless white walls with its gray-blue colour outline. In the other rooms, white is still the prominent colour to take advantage of the natural light. However, windows aren’t as extensive as they are in other parts of the home and darker colours have a stronger presence. That includes darker wooden cabins and matching couches and rugs.

clarke's highlands home

It is also important to note that one running décor theme throughout the house includes use of antique birdcages; most of the home’s designs and furnishings match the birdcages.

The Clarke’s Highlands Home – The Future

The extensive work put into the property by Michael and Kyly has allowed them to increase the property’s value. The house is now on the market for an estimated $6.5 million.

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