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Important Interior Design Principles

01 Jun Important Interior Design Principles

Function, mood and personality are three interior design principles every designer needs to consider when decorating a room, a house or any living space. A properly decorated interior landscape does not simply look nice, it should also function well for the user. The space’s colour scheme and the type of furnishings set the mood. Great designers also know how to incorporate personality into a well-planned space.

The first step to decorating an interior space is determining the mood. Designers need to figure out the theme, the colour scheme and the patterns of a room in order to move forward. In most cases, something specific is used to set the mood. This can be anything from a photograph, painting, sculpture or focal piece of furniture. Choose something captivating and inspiring.

interior design principles

After the mood has been determined, designers turn their attention to functionality. The focal point of a space is the area where people’s eyes are immediately drawn. Certain spaces have natural focal points such as a nice view or a fireplace. If a room does not have a natural focal point, one can be created by adding adding art or furniture.

Before picking out furniture for a room, be sure to measure its dimensions. The main furniture pieces should be turned toward the focal point. Make sure that the furniture is placed conveniently relative to electrical outlets, windows and doors. Do not hesitate to get rid of furniture if it is too big or too small for the room.

interior design principles

The final step designers take when decorating an interior is to leave their own personal stamp. There is no specific way to go about doing this. The key is to be creative. Throw pillows, colourful rugs and vases are all simple accessories that can add personality to a space. Don’t forget to incorporate that stunning piece of art you purchased overseas.

Always remember these interior design principles

Never rush into decorating a space. Take the time to plan out exactly how the room will look and feel by adhering to function, mood and personality.

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