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Hamptons Design Trends – Bring The Coast To Your Home

13 Aug Hamptons Design Trends – Bring The Coast To Your Home

Thoughts of elegant architecture with classical features often culminates as daydreams of stunning and relaxing Hampton style homes. The Hamptons have long been synonymous with the idea of utilising the beautiful coastline ambiance found on the shores of Long Island in New York for design inspiration. However, a home does not need to reside on that famous shore to make it feel like one of those elegant properties. There are Hamptons design trends that any homeowner can take advantage of, even if their abode is halfway across the world.

hamptons design trends

World-renowned American interior designer Lynda Kerry excels in creating a Hampton’s inspired house. Not too long ago, a home that Kerry redesigned in Sydney with the Hamptons in mind was prominently featured in House & Garden. Kerry was able to employ several features of the Hamptons that speak to the elegance and class of the Long Island region.

Presence of the sea

Hamptons designs trends also make the most of the seaside atmosphere. Kerry conjures up the spirit of the water by employing the colour blue throughout the home’s design. Whether it would be decorative vases, bohemian drapes or throw pillows, the colour blue has a noticeable presence in the home. Kerry utilised tables and cabinets with a driftwood look to promote a Hamptons shoreline feel to the home.


The dominant colours in a Hamptons inspired home are white, blue, grey and black with highlights of other colours. Variations of these colours should be incorporated throughout the home. Kerry uses a predominantly white colour scheme inside her Hamptons projects. Another fabulous way to introduce colour, interest and mood into a Hampton’s inspired house is to explore the use of wallpaper.

hamptons design trends

The furniture

The furniture in a Hamptons house provide the owner with some flexibility to explore their individual taste. While the walls can hold a white colour to create a bright and warm exterior, the furniture can compliment the white by having corresponding light colour tones or contrasting darker tones. Sofas and chairs can also be composed of pale upholstery that promotes that beach house-feel of the Hamptons. Owners can also opt to go the opposite way by choosing darker furniture while using a combination of accent cushions throughout the house.

hamptons design trends

Feel of the Hamptons

Although ocean air goes a long way towards helping the residence establish a Hamptons feel, that atmosphere can be achieved through interior design. Remember the importance of white and utilising the light in open spaces while subtly incorporating nautical themes throughout the home.

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