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Halcyon House Designs – A Look Inside NSW’s Beachside Hotel

28 Jul Halcyon House Designs – A Look Inside NSW’s Beachside Hotel

A property’s surroundings can permeate and influence the interior design and atmosphere of a space. When the property is surrounded by gorgeous views of blue oceans, for example, the furnishings and décor must take advantage of that nautical aura. One beachside resort that has captured the spirit of the ocean perfectly with their interior décor is the Halcyon House. Located in New South Wales, the Halcyon House designs incorporate a mix of classic décor and nautical themes to give this boutique hotel a beach house feel.

halcyon house interior


The dominant colour scheme found in every room in the Halcyon House is blue and white. Solid coloured walls do not exist here, instead, Halycon House fashions unique wallpaper that incorporates either blue, white or both. Each wallpaper has a distinctive design or intricate pattern that reminds guests that the ocean is nearby. In the bathroom, the colour white is more dominant with polished white tiles adorning the walls and uniquely patterned blue tiles on the floor to make the most of the natural light found at the beach.

halcyon house design


The furniture works perfectly with the unique wallpaper in every room and the beautiful ocean outside. If the colour on the walls is predominantly blue, the rest of a room’s furnishings take on a white or complimentary colour. Walls with a white-dominated design are balanced by blue-patterned pillows, antique wooden cabinets and classic-cushioned furniture or rustic-wooden chairs. The varying fabric covered bedheads are undoubtedly fabulous and luxurious.

halcyon house designDécor

The blue-pattern throw pillows are just one of the ways the hotel’s designers compliment the walls and the ocean – they also took advantage of nautical art. Almost every room boasts a collection of paintings, drawings and photos that show beaches, marine animal species, plant life and sail boats. Each photo or painting is encased with a classic bronze or wooden frame to mirror the beach sand outside. The sand colour is also a heavy theme throughout, reflected in tan lampshades and antique bronze desktop lights.

halcyon house design

The Halcyon House design – Paper Daisy

The resort’s restaurant, Paper Daisy, continues the beach house theme by employing the same colour scheme and décor, reminding guests that the ocean is just a few steps away. One thing that is different, however, is the walls. Instead of busy wallpaper, the restaurant contains solid white walls adorned by the ever-present eclectic mix of nautical art. The stunning décor will captivate you and the delicious menu will keep you coming back for more.

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