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Design Ideas From Bishop’s Pond In The Hamptons

20 Oct Design Ideas From Bishop’s Pond In The Hamptons

The Hamptons are known for very specific design trends that many homes around the world try to emulate. The new Southhampton development known as Bishop’s Pond blends the best of both worlds as it incorporates iconic Hampton aesthetics with more modern home designs.

bishop's pond

As one would expect from the Hamptons, blue and white have a strong presence in the residence, particularly in the walls and décor. The white molding around the windows, doorframes and fireplace evokes the classic features of the Hamptons. The walls, however, do not possess the traditional white that is common in standard seaside design. Instead, the walls bare a lighter tone with a hint of light blue to mark a noticeable difference between the walls and the white molding – colours that fit coastal homes perfectly.

On the other end, the trademark nautical blue tones of the Hamptons can be found in everything from the drapes to the carpet, the pillows to the art. Different shades of blue work together to balance out the lighter tones of the room.

bishop's pond

The classic elegant features like the elaborate crystal chandelier and marble coffee table surrounded by traditional padded chairs speak to the characteristic luxury of the Hamptons but could easily work in many other home settings.

bishop's pond

Some other residences in the development feature interior crème tones and paint while utilising luxurious décor items like mirrors and lights with gold accents.

bishop's pond

The outdoor living room area furniture is composed of wicker-styled sofas and chairs that compliment the stone fireplace and the timber flooring with a flat finish, synonymous with a coastal residence.

Bishop’s Pond – The spirit of the Hamptons

Unlike the typical Hamptons residence, the ocean won’t be found just beyond the front steps of the development but rather blocks away. However, Bishop’s Pond does an excellent job of maintaining the spirit of the Hamptons while showing some flexibility with its overall design.

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