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Cosmetic Vs Structural Improvements For Your Home

07 Jul Cosmetic Vs Structural Improvements For Your Home

When planning a home renovation project, the debate between cosmetic vs structural improvements can be challenging. What is the difference and which one is the better choice for your home?

cosmetic vs structural improvement

As the name implies, structural improvements include changes that are done to the inner structure of the house. This includes a new roof, electrical wiring, plumbing and foundation work. Consult with a professional before undergoing any structural renovations to ensure there is no further damage done to the house.

Structural work is often done to bring a dwelling up to local building standards. Perhaps the flooring is not stable, pests have chewed through the wiring or the roof leaks. In all cases, structural improvements are necessary. However, these renovations can be costly. If you are upgrading your home for resell, buyers have the right to expect the structural conditions of the home are adequate and up to code.

When renovating, structural improvements should be the priority. Although they often take more time and money and require the assistance of a professional, they are more necessary for the longevity of a home. When planning home improvement projects, consider the weather. For example, don’t plan for roof repairs in the wet season. If wet weather is imminent, don’t plan on reconstructing the flooring or pouring concrete.

Structural improvements can also include adding square metres, which can increase the value of your home. Consider adding an additional bathroom or bedroom, or extending your kitchen or living room. If internal space meterage is out of the questions, look at creating an alfresco living space. These improvements will definitely require a professional to make sure everything is up to code and structurally sound.

cosmetic vs structural improvement

Cosmetic changes on the other hand, affect the feel of a home. Great cosmetic improvements can give a property great street appeal and can boost potential buyers’ first impressions. Fresh paint or wallpaper, new carpet or flooring and updated window fittings, light fixtures, taps and other fixtures are all ways to modernise a home.

Cosmetic improvements can also include landscaping. In general, these updates don’t cost as much as structural changes and they can often be done without the assistance of a professional. However, a quick facelift can make a world of difference to the value of your home.

Cosmetic changes can modernise your home and give it a good resale value but don’t forget about what lies beneath or in walls.

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