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How To Avoid These Common Decorating Mistakes

25 Aug How To Avoid These Common Decorating Mistakes

Designing a room is a complex process. There are a lot of elements which come into play, most importantly function, mood and personality. We’ve told you about some of the top decorating mistakes, but here are some additional design missteps to avoid.

Excessive throw pillows

Whether it’s in a bedroom or a living room, having too many throw pillows can add to visual clutter. Couches do not need 20 pillows. It does not look nice and it is impractical. Minimising the amount of pillows gives a room, and its inhabitants, space to breathe.

decorating mistakes

Ill-sized area rugs

Colourful rugs are a great way to add personality to a room, as long as they go well with the mood and don’t interfere with function. There are three ways you can place rugs under furniture depending on your budget: 1. Place the rug under the coffee table so that alfour 4 legs hit on the rug, 2. Place the rug so that the coffee table and front sofa legs fit on the rug, 3. Place the rug so that all furniture fits on the rug. Options 2 and 3 look best.decorating mistakes

Artificial greenery

Artificial greenery is usually more common in commercial decoration than residential. Many interior designers believe that adding fake plants to a room may detract from overall design in a negative way. Obviously, this depends on the style of artificial greenery used. The key is never to overdo it and, whenever possible, use real plants.

decorating mistakesScattered family photos

Having too many family photos scattered all over a room, in mismatched picture frames that don’t follow any colour scheme, may take away from the interior design. While showcasing your family is important, do not overdo it. Try to follow a theme with the frames and the pictures being displayed.

Exposed electrical cords

We live in the modern era, meaning every room usually has multiple electrical devices. In a properly decorated space, there should not be exposed electrical cords making their way around the room. Use as many extension cords as necessary to hide these cords. Getting rid of exposed electrical cords will reduce visual clutter.

These common decorating mistakes can easily be avoided

Planning and preparation go a long way when it comes to interior design. Study the space before decorating it. Look at different magazines and websites to consider various options. Sometimes designing a room may take weeks, or even months, but with these mistakes avoided, you’ll be on your way to a well designed space.

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