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Coastal Style Designs – Bring The Ocean Into Your Home

10 Sep Coastal Style Designs – Bring The Ocean Into Your Home

Living on the coast provides many advantages. There is the unrivaled feeling of waking up to the fresh ocean air. There’s the relaxing view of the water and the sound of the waves. There is also the beautiful coastal style designs that are the trademark of coastal living. These design trends capture the spirit of the ocean while giving the residence a weekend getaway feel beyond your standard modern home.

coastal style designs

Perhaps the most critical element to the coastal design is the colour. During the warmer months, the sun always seems brighter on the coast and the interior colour of the home looks to utilise the sun as much as possible. That’s why light colours, specifically white, dominate the interior of coastal homes. The white walls and ceilings compliment the ocean views and the natural light found on the coast. The white colour also fits with the traditional colour schemes of coastal design trends.

coastal style designs

It is important to incorporate the colour of the ocean into the interior’s décor. Throw pillows, vases, rugs and lamps are common items that often feature the colour blue. Different shades of blue add a layer of texture and some much needed variety to the room. Another common idea is featuring a traditional sofa with fabric upholstery that features blue stripes or intensity fabric reminiscent of a beach chair.

coastal style designs

Another common theme of coastal designs is to utilise décor that evokes feelings of the beach. Most coastal designs incorporate timber somewhere in their styling. Wooden tables, lamps, ceiling fans and countertops that resemble the petrified beach wood can be considered as styling options. Timber floors not only make the room resemble the sandy beach and outdoors, but it also gives the home a more coastal feel.

coastal style designs

Rustic and wicker décor should also be used sparingly throughout the home. Wicker tables conjure up feelings of tropical beach huts. On the other end, rustic furnishings with peeling pastel paints add some texture and character to the room. Nautical art goes a long way into completing the coastal themes of the residence.

Coastal style designs – Designs for tranquility

When styling a home by the ocean, aim to create an atmosphere that promotes tranquility and invite the spirit of the sea into the home.

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