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decorating mistakes

25 Aug How To Avoid These Common Decorating Mistakes

Designing a room is a complex process. There are a lot of elements which come into play, most importantly function, mood and personality. We’ve told you about some of the top decorating mistakes, but here are some additional design missteps to avoid. Excessive throw pillows Whether it’s in a bedroom or a living room, having too many throw pillows can add to visual clutter. Couches do not need 20 pillows. It does...

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reese witherspoon's spanish estate

22 Aug A Look Inside Reese Witherspoon’s Spanish Estate In California

Brentwood, California is well known for home architecture that evokes images of scenic European countrysides more than the hustle-and-bustle of the Los Angeles area. Hidden in the Brentwood area, Reese Witherspoon’s estate blends classical features with rustic Spanish trends to create a tranquil and picturesque property that will make guests feel like they are surrounded by Spanish wineries. As soon as one enters the modest five-bedroom property at the end of...

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hamptons luxury apartments

19 Aug Hamptons Luxury Apartments – Harbor’s Edge

The row of homes along the world-famous stretch of beach known as the Hamptons in New York are also well-known for their very specific interior design trends. Beach elements like sand, water and expansive light have a strong presence in the design and décor of those homes. Those elements translate well to the new Hamptons luxury apartments, the Harbor’s Edge, which are finally available after years of delays. The Harbor’s Edge...

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hobart house designs

16 Aug The Unique Interior Of Hobart House Designs

Sitting low in the southern hemisphere, Hobart averages just over 40 sunny days a year, walking the fine line between sandy beachfront property and long wintery nights. The unique interior of Hobart House designs reflect the expansive water views and a weekend getaway vibe, complete with antique furniture, timber floors and a beach home atmosphere. Although the capital of Tasmania is fairly urbanised and populated, the city is surrounded by vast...

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hamptons design trends

13 Aug Hamptons Design Trends – Bring The Coast To Your Home

Thoughts of elegant architecture with classical features often culminates as daydreams of stunning and relaxing Hampton style homes. The Hamptons have long been synonymous with the idea of utilising the beautiful coastline ambiance found on the shores of Long Island in New York for design inspiration. However, a home does not need to reside on that famous shore to make it feel like one of those elegant properties. There are...

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rancic's los angeles home

07 Aug Interior Design Ideas From The Rancic’s Los Angeles Home

Having a family changes everything – including the way you design your home. Bill and Giuliana Rancic’s Los Angeles Home is a prime example of what happens to the interior design of a residence once you realize that a child will call that place home. The Rancic family aimed to create a welcoming environment for a child by focusing on filling their home, nestled in the suburb neighbourhood of Brentwood...

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kyly clarkes highlands home

30 Jul Inside Michael And Kyly Clarke’s Highlands Home

In 2012, elite cricketer Michael Clarke and his wife, Kyly, purchased their $3.25 million estate in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Under the guidance of Kyly, an interior designer herself, the Clarke’s Highland home made use of the stunning and extensive views of the estate to define the property’s interior and décor. One of the advantages of living in a sprawling countryside like the Southern Highlands is the...

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elaine mansion interior

22 Jul Elaine Mansion Interior And Furnishing: A Look Inside Sydney’s Historical Waterfront Escape

There are very few places in the world like the Elaine mansion in Sydney. Home to the Fairfax family for over 120 years, the mansion is located in Sydney’s Point Piper and carries a sense of history along with its luxury and elegance that cannot be replicated. Much of that can be attributed to the Elaine mansion interior, which preserves the intended spirit of the waterfront location as an intimate escape...

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indoor trees

19 Jul Indoor Tree Ideas – Things To Remember

As homeowners become more environmentally conscious, new trends in modern interior designs are beginning to emerge. One of those trends that has gained popularity is the use of indoor trees. A combination of indoor tree ideas can allow any homeowner to bring new levels of texture, colour and uniqueness to their indoor space. If you are looking into making your home’s interior a little bit more green and leafy, below...

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wasted space header 1100

16 Jul Unique Ways To Make The Most Of A Home’s Wasted Space

Despite home furnishings adorning your residence, sometimes there will be rooms that still look empty. Wasted space does not have to be a source of stress for homeowners but, instead should be an opportunity to get creative with storage spaces. From hiding unique home features like extra guest beds or wine cellars to sprucing up the place with greens, these are ways to make the most out of wasted space...

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