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pumphouse point hotel

23 Oct A Look at Tasmania’s The Pumphouse Point Hotel

The Pumphouse Point Hotel can be found in the middle of the beautiful Lake St. Clair deep in the wilderness of Tasmania. The hotel dates back to the 1940s and is unlike any of Tasmania’s other luxury boutiques. The only way to access the hotel is through a long flume that sets the tone for the structure with the Scandinavian-inspired architecture. Although the interior of the hotel has been redesigned to...

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bishop's pond

20 Oct Design Ideas From Bishop’s Pond In The Hamptons

The Hamptons are known for very specific design trends that many homes around the world try to emulate. The new Southhampton development known as Bishop’s Pond blends the best of both worlds as it incorporates iconic Hampton aesthetics with more modern home designs. As one would expect from the Hamptons, blue and white have a strong presence in the residence, particularly in the walls and décor. The white molding around the...

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sydney infinity development

07 Oct Sydney Infinity Development – Crown Group’s Luxurious Apartments

The names of luxurious developments are just as important as the residences themselves. The name must perfectly capture the spirit of the building and set the tone for the apartments. As soon as one sees the Sydney Infinity Development, they will understand why ‘Infinity’ is the perfect description for these luxury apartments. Architect of the Infinity development, Koichi Takada, said of the design, “In incorporating new ideas in the future of...

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skye luxury apartments

31 Aug Skye Luxury Apartments – Inside Sydney’s Most Elegant Residences

Sydney is full of luxury developments so new projects are always looking to set themselves apart from their competition in the area. One way to rise above the other developments, apart from the service and amenities, is by incorporating the latest modern designs to give the development a distinct identity. The Crown Group is known for creating unique luxury developments and they have done it once again with the Skye...

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hamptons luxury apartments

19 Aug Hamptons Luxury Apartments – Harbor’s Edge

The row of homes along the world-famous stretch of beach known as the Hamptons in New York are also well-known for their very specific interior design trends. Beach elements like sand, water and expansive light have a strong presence in the design and décor of those homes. Those elements translate well to the new Hamptons luxury apartments, the Harbor’s Edge, which are finally available after years of delays. The Harbor’s Edge...

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arden park development

10 Aug Arden Park Development – MEL Boutique Apartments

Although the Arden Park development is yet to open, anticipation is building over the stylish and modern boutique apartments just a stone’s throw away from the Melbourne City Centre and Queen Victoria Markets. Surrounded by cafes and eateries, the Arden Park development has appeal inside and out. Those who enter one of the 1, 2 or 3-bedroom apartments will immediately recognise that the apartment’s interior reflects the sleek and modern design...

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jewel development

02 Aug Jewel Development – Gold Coast’s Newest Luxury Landmark

The first true beachfront residential resort on the Gold Coast in decades, the Jewel development embodies luxurious design and lifestyle. With a planned geometric trio shape, the Jewel development will create a bold silhouette on the coastline of Australia’s largest non-capital city when finished. According to its developers, Jewel’s stunning architecture is “inspired by ancient crystals formed deep within the earth.” Its three towers are bound to become global landmarks with...

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halcyon house design

28 Jul Halcyon House Designs – A Look Inside NSW’s Beachside Hotel

A property’s surroundings can permeate and influence the interior design and atmosphere of a space. When the property is surrounded by gorgeous views of blue oceans, for example, the furnishings and décor must take advantage of that nautical aura. One beachside resort that has captured the spirit of the ocean perfectly with their interior décor is the Halcyon House. Located in New South Wales, the Halcyon House designs incorporate a...

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interior design trends

25 Jun Interior Design Trends On Australia’s East Coast

When contemplating which interior design trends to follow, you must first consider the style and location of your home in order to create a space that is functional and practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. Just because a trend looks great in London or New York, doesn’t mean it will be the best decision for a home in Brisbane, Sydney or Gold Coast. With that in mind, here are a few...

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interior design trends

22 Jun Interior Design Trends In LA, NYC And San Francisco

Homes and apartments don’t have to be located in Los Angeles, New York City or San Francisco to keep up with the latest interior design trends in those regions. There are a variety of ways to make a space look like a home you would find in the metropolitan neighbourhoods of Los Angeles and New York or the cool and relaxing hospitality of the San Francisco bay area. Los Angeles Interior design...

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