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colonial kitchen meets hamptons

12 Oct The Colonial Kitchen Meets Hamptons

An American colonial style kitchen with a Hamptons flavour is a long standing kitchen design trend. The classic kitchen’s versatility can fit in most homes because of its traditionally lighter colour tones, often synonymous with the Hampton’s trend. White and creme evoke feelings of the prestigious New York oceanside neighbourhood while the contrasting timber floors maintain the spirit of the American Colonial era. A classic American kitchen can also employ a...

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kitchen colour scheme

15 Sep Timeless Kitchen Colour Scheme Ideas

Renovating the kitchen can be an exciting but exhausting endeavor. Picking the colour, designing the countertops and arranging the décor can also be time consuming. However, with the right mindset, the end product can be very creatively rewarding. Depending on what colour scheme is chosen, the kitchen may only need to be renovated once over a substantial period of time, saving the homeowners a lot of work and money down...

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wardrobe storage solutions

05 Sep Wardrobe Storage Solutions – Modern Design Trends

One of the most overlooked features when designing or renovating a house is one of the things that we use everyday – the wardrobe. The ‘out-of-sight, out-of-mind’ mentality keeps the wardrobe from getting any attention and it is the reason why many robes are disorganised. Contemporary design trends, however, have brought the wardrobe back in focus and incorporated it into the overall design of the bedroom and home. As a...

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fireplace design trends

28 Aug Contemporary Heat – Fireplace Design Trends

Although technology and environmental trends have made heating the home easier than ever, the fireplace is still a focal point of many home designs – even contemporary residences. The fireplace presents designers with the opportunity to incorporate recent fireplace design trends that put a modern twist on a classical home feature. For the longest time, the red brick configuration was a standard design for a home fireplace. There are some contemporary...

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home improvements 1100

10 Jul Home Improvements That Add Value To Your Home

When making home improvements be sure to consider renovations that add value to your home. While you may love the idea of a unique imported Italian tile by the pool it may not be a feature buyers are shopping for in your neighbourhood. Know your suburb, target buyer and trends. Talk to real estate agents and look at the features of recently sold properties in your area. To get the most bang...

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cosmetic vs structural improvement

07 Jul Cosmetic Vs Structural Improvements For Your Home

When planning a home renovation project, the debate between cosmetic vs structural improvements can be challenging. What is the difference and which one is the better choice for your home? As the name implies, structural improvements include changes that are done to the inner structure of the house. This includes a new roof, electrical wiring, plumbing and foundation work. Consult with a professional before undergoing any structural renovations to ensure there...

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cosmetic renovation tips

01 Jul Cosmetic Renovation Tips And Tricks

When improving your residential property’s value, some of the easiest ways are through cosmetic improvements. Cosmetic renovation typically involves renewing dated surfaces, updating key rooms, replacing old fixtures, re-landscaping and generally improving the appearance and styling of living spaces. Here are some tips and tricks that can help your cosmetic renovation boost the resale value of your home. First, begin by assessing the structural state of your home. This will require...

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avoid renovating

19 Jun Should You Avoid Renovating?

You’re bored with the kitchen, the bathroom is a mess and the living room is soulless. This list of helpful hints will help you to determine whether you should renovate. Crunch the numbers Whether or not you should avoid renovating is simple math. Start out by evaluating what it would cost to make the changes you are envisioning. If you fudge the truth it will come back to haunt you. If you’re...

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interior design basics

01 Jun Renovating: Getting A Grasp On Interior Design Basics

Interior design is the art or process of designing the interior, and sometimes even the exterior, of a room or building. The project is typically coordinated and managed by an interior designer, or a homeowner acting as one. Before renovating or refurbishing any type of space, it is important to understand all of the interior design basics. There are certain elements that every artist must work with, no matter the medium....

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diy renovating

01 Jun Top 10 DIY Renovating Tips

Do-it-yourself projects are all the rage these days. If you’re considering digging out the old tool box out from storage, first take a look at our list of the top 10 DIY renovating tips. Wear a mask Making sure you can breathe is just as important as making sure the house can. If you’re working with paints, insulation or toxic materials, wear a mask as a precaution. Check the weather No one enjoys working...

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