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shower design guide

04 Aug Shower Design Guide – Modern Ideas and Celebrity Styles

Shower design has become increasingly unique as homeowners look to enjoy a relaxing experience beyond the traditional bathtub. These days, shower design guides focus on making the most of frameless designs and tranquil shower settings. Frameless Since most bathrooms are fairly small when compared to the rest of the home, many bathroom designers have moved to frameless designs to expand the openness of the space and let the natural light spread out....

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bathroom storage ideas

07 Jun Bathroom Storage Ideas

Whether small and cozy or grand and spacious, a bathroom should be a quiet respite from the world. It should be a place to unwind after a long day or gather early morning thoughts before work. The easiest way to upset this sanctuary is to add clutter. Between hair care tools, cosmetics, toiletries, towels and more, bathrooms can become the most disorganised room in your house. Whether you’re planning a...

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1100 beautiful bathrooms

29 May Renovation Ideas To Achieve A Beautiful Bathroom

Whether you dream of unwinding in an extravagant tub or displaying the latest designs to impress guests, a beautiful bathroom should address all your needs, mental and physical. Here are the most important tips when considering a bathroom renovation. Sit in a bathtub before buying it Bigger isn’t always better. A standard sized tub is fine for most people, as it offers enough room to stretch out while still providing a secure...

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