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Beyonce And Jay Z’s New York Home – A Blend Of Classic And Boutique Styles

28 Oct Beyonce And Jay Z’s New York Home – A Blend Of Classic And Boutique Styles

Beyonce and Jay Z’s New York Home combines classical furnishings that speak to the elegance and sophistication of the couple, as well as trendy and lavish luxuries throughout the residence to create a unique and inspirational interior.

beyonce and jay z's new york home

The Property’s classic exterior greatly influences the themes of its interior. The expansive estate found in Bridgehampton, New York has a modest design with traditional façades as well as brick and wooden cladding throughout.

beyonce and jay z's new york home

White and blue dominate the home’s interior. The majority of the walls and ceilings are covered in white to maintain the elegance of the suburban New York home. The neutral white walls also lend themselves well to the gold-plated qualities of the old-fashioned chandeliers and light fixtures hanging from the high ceilings. The white scheme also compliments the blue found throughout the home, which shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering the couple’s first child is named Blue Ivy.

beyonce and jay z's new york home

The dining room is one of the few rooms that does not feature white walls. Instead, the walls bear a strong splash of dark blue balanced out by white hand-crafted wooden panels on the bottom half. The large and classic polished mahogany dining table is surrounded by chairs with matching wooden frames and blue upholstery. The room features an extravagant crystal chandelier hanging in the centre.

beyonce and jay z's new york home

The master bedroom has a boutique vibe and contains that same elegance found throughout the home. Its ceilings feature intricate hand-crafted façades and a bed frame with vintage white padding on a curved design reminiscent of early 20th century trends. The room also features antique-style cushioned chairs with blue upholstery that perfectly matches the carpet’s classic design.

beyonce and jay z's new york home

Other rooms in the house contain more boutique qualities. One of the TV rooms in the home features bright orange walls with matching throw pillows on a modern styled sofa for the couple to relax on and watch one of the five TVs on the wall.

Beyonce and Jay Z’s New York Home – A place for the family

Despite the endless luxuries and amenities found in Beyonce and Jay Z’s home, it is still a family home. That is why the presence of blue is so strong. Wherever they go in the house, they are reminded about the home’s most important resident – Blue Ivy.

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