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Tips For Designing A Small Space Swimming Pool

04 Jul Tips For Designing A Small Space Swimming Pool

Even with a compact yard, creating a stunning swimming pool that’s fun for friends and family is possible. Swimming pools are a quintessential feature of the perfect Australian backyard. Improved pool technologies and our beautiful weather have made the market for small space swimming pools or plunge pools boom. With plot sizes consistently becoming smaller, there is one question often asked by homeowners: ‘Can I still fit a pool in my backyard?’

The success of a great pool design is not measured in size. It comes back to the core fundamentals of good design, function and form. If a pool looks amazing and works well, size doesn’t really matter. Yes, plunge pools have some functional restrictions, but when it comes to entertaining kids on a hot summer day, any amount of water can be fun. For adults, a comfortable bench seat in a pool where you can enjoy relaxing glasses of beer or cocktails is a great way to enjoy a summer weekend.

When designing a plunge pool there are many things that need to be considered from an aesthetic, compliance and functional point of view. Before thinking about the aesthetic elements, the engineering and building code requirements must be determined. Prior to investigating these requirements there may be many technical aspects you may not even be aware of, such as boundary restrictions, pool fence compliance, town planning, neighbouring property protection works and access for excavation.

small space swimming pool

After determining that all these elements are in order, engage a professional designer for your project. Small spaces are a bit more challenging than large spaces. Mistakes are magnified, as are successful outcomes, which both start with a great design.

Next, decide whether you’d like concrete or fibreglass. Fundamentally, there are two types of pools on the market: prefabricated fibreglass products and custom built concrete options. While Fibreglass may the less expensive option, it also allows for less customisation.

Be sure to determine how much space will be needed to transport both of these options to your yard. Consider the proportions, balance and scale of the pool and your yard’s available space. The pool shouldn’t dominate the area. If your yard is long and and narrow, a lap pool is a viable option. Ensure the pool is located in a sunny area, close to boundary lines. While this will allow the central remaining space to be clear and open, there are important engineering considerations required when digging near boundaries. This may require considering the neighbouring assets.

small space swimming pool

When thinking about pool fences, avoid options that will further detract from the functionality of the remaining open space. Be sure to check all fencing compliance rules to ensure protection from costly fines and replacements.

To make your plunge pool stand out from the rest, add one or two personal elements. For example, add an infinity edge, waterfall or integrated seating.

With a small space, the key is keeping design simple. With stylish integrated surroundings, pools can truly enhance a family’s lifestyle, no matter the backyard’s shape or size. The possibilities are endless, so do your research, create a wish list, enlist the right professionals and enjoy the experience from start to splash.

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